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frequently asked questions

  • What's included?
    Almost everything!.. Incredible accommodation for the entire trip, all breakfasts and a whole bunch of other meals. Most of the excursions and activities mentioned in your trip itinerary, an awesome trip leader as well as local tour guide, and all in-trip transport. Saving the best until last... A whole bunch of other solo travellers that will become your new travel family, creating incredible friendships, and a lifetime full of amazing memories together! You turn up, we look after the rest!
  • What age are your travellers?
    A high majority of our traveller's are aged 18-39 years old, with a small handful being in their 40s.
  • Who will I be sharing a room with?
    Booked a trip with someone? ... You will be sharing a twin/double room with the person you have booked with, and informed us of in the checkout notes. Travelling solo?... You will be sharing a twin/double room with another fellow, like-minded traveller of the same sex.
  • Can I book a private room?
    YES of course, we understand sharing a room with a stranger is not for all traveller's. So we do offer a 'Private Room' option at checkout, prices will start from an additional £399 (depending on tour)
  • What's the accommodation like?
    We pride ourselves on the places we have you stay! From exclusive hotels and villas, to the coolest homestays and hostels (don't be put off, they can be nicer than swanky hotels). From bamboo treehouses overlooking the jungles and beach resorts with the most luxurious infinity pools, to beautiful beach huts on stilts overlooking the turquoise blue sea. You will not be disappointed.
  • What is the food like?
    Delicious! We are visiting countries that have insanely, delicious food cultures, so we make sure to bring you a taste of the destination we are visiting with every bite. We will eat at our hotels mainly for breakfast, and then try out approved and awesome local restaurants. We may even try out the local night food markets if you are feeling brave. We also try our hardest to accommodate any dietary requirements you may have, vegan, gluten/dairy free etc. Be sure to let us know in the booking comments, or on the 1st day of trip and we will try our very best.
  • What payment options do you have?
    We have a few easy payment options to offer our travellers at checkout. 'Pay £99 Deposit' - If you are booking your trip 90days before trip start date you will have the option to book with the super low deposit of ONLY £99. 'Pay 1st Instalment' - If you are booking your trip within the 90day start date you will have the option of paying your first interest free payment plan instalment, which will be calculated in checkout at 33% of the total trip cost 'Pay in Full' - If you have the funds and would rather pay in full that is also an option for every trip at checkout. If you choose to 'Pay Deposit' or 'Pay 1st Instalment' at checkout you will automatically be set up for our 'Pay-In-3' Payment Plan of 3 equal payments. 1st Payment Due - 90days pre-trip 2nd Payment Due - 60days pre-trip Final Payment Due - 30days pre-trip
  • How do I book?
    It's as easy as 1-2-3!... 1 - Pick a Destination 2 - Choose a Date 3 - Choose How to Pay ... It's as simple as that! Once you have booked your trip, get yourself to our meeting point for the time arranged, you can then relax as we will look after you the rest of the way.
  • How do I contact you?
    Easy, just send us an email or WhatsApp with any questions or concerns you may have, we can always arrange a call back or answer them with a reply. eMail - WhatsApp - +447983 486 848
  • Why should I choose a LostWild group trip?
    Because we aim to bring you the best! After feeling underwhelmed and as though so much was missed when travelling with a handful of bigger companies over the past 10years, we have created for you the ultimate itineraries for your trips! ... More epic adventure, more fun group bonding and so much more sunset chasing. All so you can leave your LostWild trip fulfilled, and knowing you seen and experienced everything that destination had to offer.
  • Why travel as part of a group?
    Group travel is perfect for all travellers that hate planning and organizing, and want a hassle free adventure from start to finish. You will have an instant group of travel buddies from the moment you arrive. You will meet as strangers but leave as family. We encourage all types of travellers to try out group travel as it is a great way to meet other incredible, like-minded people just like you. Travelling solo?.. 60% of our travellers are solo, it is a perfect way to meet people and gain close friends in a short amount of time. Travelling with friends?.. 20% of our travellers come with a friend or 2, a great way to increase the size of your travel family and create more memories you can make whilst you are travelling. Couples travel?.. 20% of our travellers come as a loved-up couple. It is a great way to add a bit of adventurous spice to a couples holiday.
  • I want to book, but I am nervous .. ?
    It's perfectly normal to feel nervous, especially on your first solo trip/group tour!.. Once you jump into your first trip you will never look back! You will be hooked on the feeling of adventure, strength and independence you will gain for jumping out of your comfort zone. Remember, that over 60% of our travellers are solo, so there will be plenty of other people feeling just like you that you will bond and connect with straight away, sharing all sorts of life changing experiences and creating amazing memories.
  • Is 'Pay-In-3' Payment Plan interest free?
    Yes, it certainly is! We want to make travel affordable for all of our travellers, and we all know how tight money can be when budgeting for the trip of a lifetime. Which is why we offer the 'Pay-In-3' Payment Plan interest free, to allow more people to travel! We are putting our trust in you guys as the 'Payer' to pay on your payment due dates. The trip total will be split into 3 equal payments. We will advise you via an invoice over email 5 days before each payment is due. 1st Payment Due - 90days pre-trip 2nd Payment Due - 60days pre-trip Final Payment Due - 30days pre-trip
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