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For us life is all about the amazing things you do, the incredible people you meet and the extraordinary memories you make, which is exactly why we created LostWild Adventures.

 We want you to get Lost in the culture, and feel Wild in the adventure!.. All whilst swimming, exploring, hiking and partying your way through the best times and memories of your life.

What better way to do this than in a tropical paradise filled with awesome, like-minded people and exciting, bucket list adventure?


After feeling underwhelmed when travelling with many of the bigger Group Travel Tour companies over the past 10 years, and having to travel back to do our own trips because so much was missed in the destinations we visited, we decided to create our own travel baby...
LostWild Adventures.

Aiming to bring you ultimate itineraries for the best trips of your life, you will miss nothing!... There will be more epic adventure, more fun group bonding and so much more sunset chasing.

Our trips are longer than other companies as we want you to leave your LostWild trip fulfilled, and knowing you seen and experienced everything you ever dreamt of, without feeling the need to return, other than for the love of that destination.


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